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SANeFORCE - To be the nation's leading provider of customized, comprehensive, user-friendly, and innovative Sales Force Automation SFA to Life Science, Healthcare, and FMCG companies.

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SAN SFE Awards

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SAN SFE Awards
SAN SFE Awards
SAN SFE Awards

SAN SFE Pricing

SAN SFE Features

  • Asset Management
  • Campaigns
  • Document Management
  • Email Integration
  • Email Marketing / SMS Marketing
  • Inventory Management
  • Performance Management
  • Task Management
  • Territory Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Opportunity Management
  • Mobile App
  • Lead Management
  • Contact Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Customer DataBase
  • Stock Management
  • Call Management
  • Field Sales Management
  • Performance Metrics
  • Referral Tracking
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Activity Management
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Compliance Management
  • Campaign Management
  • MIS Reports
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Automatic Reminders
  • Claims Management
  • Task Scheduling
  • Daily Call Reports
  • Chemist Orders
  • Online Reporting
  • Workflow Automation
  • MR Information
  • Stock & Sale Statements
  • Expense Statements
  • Sample & Gift Inventory
  • 360° Customer View
  • Orders and Invoices
  • Synchronization and Integration
  • CRM and CME Management
  • Geo Tagging and Fencing
  • E - detailing and LMS
  • Digital Reports
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  • Payment:


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  • check_circle Customization
  • check_circle Mobile Support
  • check_circle Mobile App

Desktop Platforms

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  • check_circle Windows
  • check_circle Mac

Mobile Platforms

  • check_circle iOS
  • check_circle Android

Language Support

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SAN SFE Description

What is SANeForce?

SANeForce having a vision of being the Top Pharma Sales force automation vendor with 18+ years of experience in the same field managing the clients and the rich functionality helping us to achieve the vision. our firm has wide knowledge and experience to undertake this initiative and complete it effectively on time and on the budget. Our staff consists of expert software developers, support team, & management etc, who have already marked the acheivement of providing solutions to organizations in the area of sales force automation. 

More than 18+ years, We are providing Sales Force Automation service for various 400+ [100,000 Users] from pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies. Our Clients spreads all the States in India and also in Pakistan, Kenya, UAE,  Egypt, Africa etc.  

Overview of SAN SFE
SANeForce helps you to deploy your field force effectively, monitor their daily activities in the field from the head office, Implement your strategies and Ideas on the field and achive the management objectives.

Features of SANeForce

Mobile App - Field force can able to do their reporting from the field even without internet.

Closed Loop Marketing- Digitize your marketing platform to boost your sales, Our tablet detailing helps your marketing team to detail their content in their tablet devices in the form of HTML, JPEG, Video even in offline mode

GEO Fencing- No need of tracking your peoples, just you can track their work with the help of GEO Fencing, By using this module, you can make your field force to be physically present in your customers place. The radius can be assigned by the admin.

Automatic Expense statement- Manage your expense with our automation process, Based on the Daily call report done by the medical Reps, Expense reports will be generated.

Sample & Input Management- You can manage your sample and input either by manual or with our seamless integration, field force can come to know the issued quantity, dispatched and balance quantity in their mobile application.

Retail Chemist Prescription Audit(RCPA)- You can not only track your business, also you can track your competitor business. By using this module you can get the potential business from the selected region and how much business your company is yielding from the selected region.

Work flow Automation- With our advanced work flow automation module, you can design your own approval mechanism. 60% of the software can be customised from the Admin can design your approval mechanism, work flow structure, mandatory/Optional column divisionwise, teamwise and individual wise.

Common Doctor- De-duplication of Doctors can be done in the Masters data, Field force from multiple division can able to visit a single doctor. HO peoples can track the analusis of Sample, input, Campaign/CME and ROI division wise

Alert & Notifications- Avoid communication gapes between HO peoples and Fieldforce. our Alert system will remind the field force to do the DCR, TP and other form of activities on time.

SAN SFE founder

Managing a salesforce and optimizing their productivity has been a problem for many businesses. Without a salesforce performing to its full potential, companies cannot retain their market shares or surpass them. The problem becomes more complex when it comes to sales teams behind pharmaceutical and healthcare products since their processes are as complicated and specialized as their products and consumers' requirements. 

Thankfully, technology has come to the rescue of such firms through intelligent software solutions tailor-made for their high-end sales teams. SANeFORCE is one such organization that has created highly specialized applications for helping pharmaceutical and healthcare sales teams optimize their productivity and improve customer relationships.

In conversation with Mr. Arjun Durai Rajasankar, Director of SANeFORCE

We were fortunate to have Mr. Arjun Durai Rajasankar, the director of SANeFORCE, among us, to discuss his and his company's journey so far and plans for the future.

Below is an excerpt from the interview:

Please share your professional journey with us. How has your work experience and learnings shaped your vision?

I was always inclined towards being a businessman since childhood. When I was nearing completion of my MBA, I thought about the businesses I should focus on. I made a list and started working on the next steps. I tried a lot of ventures, but eventually, I found myself leaning towards product development. A businessman has to go through many ups and downs, but the most crucial aspect is that you keep going. In the last 10 years, I've learned more about the things I shouldn't do. Now I stand at a place where I am able to make better decisions and guide my company towards my vision.

What was your thought process behind the inception of SANeForce?

My fascination with product development was the core reason behind SAN eForce. I was always keen on knowing the thought process behind developing a product that inclined me to establish SAN eForce.

Where do you see SANeForce 10 years down the lane?

The road map of a company has to keep evolving with changing times. I'd prefer having short term goals. I write down what I want to achieve at the beginning of each year and work towards it. At the end of the year, I retrospect on things that went wrong to take corrective measures. Evaluating current trends is essential, and we need to be in sync with the customer’s expectations.

Why did you specifically choose to work in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry?

A good deal of CRM or SFA products were available in the market during our inception. But the gap was that they were generic SFA products that could not cater to the pharmaceutical industry. Only a customized Sales Force Automation product can cater to the Pharmaceutical Industry. The functioning of the Pharmaceutical industry is unique and requires a tailor-made solution. We used the opportunity to develop our product. The learnings we have gathered over the years are invaluable, and it has aided immensely in our product to evolve.

What new developments can users expect from your product in the coming years?

Digital engagement is going to be critical for the Pharmaceutical Industry. We are currently working on a platform for the same. Well-guided content and data management are also in progress. Apart from SFA, we have launched a payroll product that can be either a stand-alone application or integrated with SFA. We are also developing a CRM product which we have planned to launch next year.

How do you manage to keep your team’s morale high during these challenging times?

We need to keep engaging with our team regularly. New opportunities will keep arising, and we need to guide our team to explore it. I also motivate by putting in more effort during these challenging times.

If not for SANeForce, what would have been your venture?

I would have been in construction. Even today, I love to see how a property develops, and I am fond of spending time at under-construction sites.

What is your advice to young entrepreneurs?

Now opportunities are aplenty in the market but what is lacking is the focus. We keep getting diverted from one to another easily. I believe if you focus on one goal and work towards it, you will definitely achieve it. We need to keep going, no matter how hard it gets. We should learn from our mistakes and make sure we don't make them again.

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SAN SFE Customers

SAN SFE Customers
SAN SFE Customers
SAN SFE Customers
SAN SFE Customers
SAN SFE Customers
SAN SFE Customers
SAN SFE Customers

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4.8 /5

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SAN SFE Reviews (5)

Narmada Rathnakumar

Company Size: 501-1000 employees
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Best Pharma CRM/SFE

Sep 29, 2020

Though we tried many providers, we have never been as satisfied as we are with SAN eForce. Best CRM/SFE platform for Pharmaceutical companies. Field Reporting made easy with android and iOS mobiles as well.


Integrated System with excellent on field capabilities


No major concern. UI can be attractive.

Paola Savastano

Company Size: 501-1000 employees
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

With the implementation of Sane Force, we have integrated success.

May 25, 2018

Well, Sane Force is great software for doing your sales document management. You can easily take note of every minute details related to your sales strategies and so on. It supports all leading operating systems which is an added advantage. It can be installed with any system without disturbing your other IT components. Though we are finding it very useful, I would like to see more of its app features


Easy installation, user-friendly modules, responsive operating system, great API, dual installation system and suitable for all-sized business.


Complex system.

Manoj Kumar Jhode

Company Size: 1-10 employees
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Sane Force scores 10 out 10 is doing real-time sales forecasting. Training could be better.

May 25, 2018

Sane Force helped in almost every step. The team deserves a huge round of applaud to create all-inclusive app support system. Not all software comes with IOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows app support system but Sane Force comes.


Highly responsive operating system which perform accurately and promptly, you can easily run various campaigns with its help. Great help in doing sales management at fields.


They should increase the training time duration. As the software is integrated with various modules, staff needs extra time to be thorough over it.

Lauren Sandrey

Company Size: 201-500 employees
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Responsive app support but can be improved.

May 25, 2018

Sane force has really speeded up our sales and related tasks. With its robust email integration, we keep posting the entire team about the activities. You can easily do effective and more realistic sales forecasting with the help of its automated operating system. Though the app is also a great help, it needs improvement in certain aspects. It crashes at times while doing forecasting.


Can be customized, comes with an all-inclusive mobile app support system, easy email integration, keeps you updated with each activity with notifications and alerts.


Not as such any major con. However, the app needs to be extra responsive.

Raja Raja

Overall rating

Good Software

Apr 24, 2017

Good Software for pharma medical representative,user friendly software.


What are the main features of SAN SFE ?


The key features of SAN SFE are as follows:


labelEmail Integration

labelInventory Management

labelTask Management

labelSales Forecasting

labelMobile App

labelContact Management

labelCustomer DataBase

labelCall Management

labelPerformance Metrics

labelSales Performance Management

labelAlerts & Notifications

labelCampaign Management

labelActivity Dashboard

labelClaims Management

labelDaily Call Reports

labelOnline Reporting

labelMR Information

labelExpense Statements

label360° Customer View

labelSynchronization and Integration

labelGeo Tagging and Fencing

labelDigital Reports

How much does SAN SFE cost?


Cost not specified.
Free trial : Available

Who are the typical users of SAN SFE?


SAN SFE has the following typical customers: Startups, SMEs, Enterprises

Which mobile platforms does SAN SFE support?


SAN SFE supports the following devices: IOS, Android

Which operating system does SAN SFE support?


SAN SFE supports the following operation system : Web App, Windows, Mac

What payment method does SAN SFE support?


SAN SFE supports the following payment methods : Yearly

What is the deployment type?


SAN SFE has Web based, Installed deployment.

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