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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A SoftwareSuggest Award is, in essence, a stamp of approval awarded to your software offering by SoftwareSuggest. We award it to the software that we believe are exceptional in what they offer. It will help you boost the credibility of your offering and the reputation of your business.
  • The benefits are endless, but we’ll keep it simple. With a SoftwareSuggest Award, you can:
    1. Earn the trust of your clients and prospects.
    2. Boost the conversion rate for your website.
    3. Reassure clients about your product’s customer engagement and satisfaction rates.
    4. Get numerous rewards and incentives, courtesy of SoftwareSuggest … and more! Talk to us to find out!.
  • Depending on which aspect your software excels at, you can earn a number of awards that your software qualifies for.SoftwareSuggest has awards for a number of categories including, but not limited to: Customer’s Choice, Expert Choice, Excellent User Experience, Budget-Friendly, Rising Star, and more.
  • You can get SoftwareSuggest award(s) by nominating your software for one or more categories. Just fill up this form, we’ll consider and evaluate your software for the award(s). Once you are declared winner, then you can showcase your software’s achievement wherever you want.
  • The awards are quite versatile, you can place/include them on your website and/or other promotional content in a number of ways:
    1. You can embed the awards in your emails.
    2. You can Place the awards on the bottom, left or right Sidebar or on the top right corner of your Home Page/Landing Page.
    3. It can be included in your testimonial or user reviews section.
    4. You can include it wherever you feel appropriate.